Healing Sessions or Axiatonal Alignments

"Hands on healing"sends life force to the person or animal recieving the energy healing session. Energy is sent through the body, legs, feet and organs such as the heart, lungs, liver, kidney and spleen. Thus, the immune system can potentially be strengthened. In addition, the sessions have the potential to assist with physical, mental and emotional concerns.

Each energy healing session is a healing!

That means that energy is sent to the client during each session and the energy is used by the body in whatever way is appropriate for that client. Thus, cellular vitality can potentially be enhanced.

Each session is unique as Al helps to reduce stress, as well as clear & balance your energy system. Through this, he has the potential to affect the client's physical body through the powerful flow of energy he channels in each session

The goal of each session:

The goal of each energy healing session is to reduce stress, reduce pain, increase the flow of life force in the body, and also identify and negate negative energies. This helps reduce stress, and can assist the immune system, nervous system, and cells of the body. Example, when a person has asthma, chi received during an energy session has the potential to not only change the body chemistry not only to help fight the asthma problem, but also helps alter the body's chemistry in a positive manner

Typical Session

A typical Energy Healing Session will entail listening to a client's concerns, then Al will send chi/life force to you to help reduce stress. In some instances, he incorporates crystals, healing frequencies, and other tools which include a SCIO / EPFX.