Energy Healing

Frequency Balancing is a science of energy. It incorporates energy healing, energetic anatomy, energy study, and hands on / hands off healing.

The concept of energy healing relates to life force, universal energy and cellular vitality. Each of us has many years of "stuff" that includes traumas, emotions, and illnesses that make up symptoms such as stress, headaches, pain, inflammation as well as immune system concerns. What energy healing does is to shift the energies of blockages, imbalances. It also helps to clear the muddy colored energies that can congeal in varous parts of the body. This can stress you in many ways. Stress can affect you in different ways and can cause lack of focus, physical concerns, and emotional issues. Energy healing is a wonderful option for stress reduction and can potentially assist on many levels with physical, mental and emotional concerns.

Universal Grid Alignment

You are connected to the universe. We are all shifting patterns of matter. The universe is shifting also. You have the potential to have a Universal Grid Alignment.

The Univeral Grid Alignment is a concept of shifting energies that relates to the universe and the soul. Many people who've had the Axiational Alignment may want to potentially consider the Universal Grid Alignment.